20 апреля 2018
The Scumfrog - Robot Heart - 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
https://www.instagram.com/r.trufanov/ After 6 years of creating sunrise soundtracks from atop the Robot Heart bus, it is a challenge to avoid submitting to a formulaic approach. One of the biggest perks of producing a Robot Heart sunrise is that you can take risks; explore soundscapes and dynamics, knowing that the mystical Deep Playa setting allows for pauses and quiet moments that don’t translate in loud clubs or multi-stage festivals. This year, the set was a journey starting with robots and ending with humans. I wanted the sun to come up to the sound of arguing AI robots. What you heard was a transcript from the actual negotiation between two AI bots at Facebook earlier that summer; thenextweb.com/artificial-intell…its-own-language/ Other than it creating a surreal environment as the sun came up, it also proved a perfect palette cleanser to transition from night into day. The sounds of flutist Claire Chase immediately afterwards set the tone for the 90 minutes to follow. I remembered Robert Miles (we lost him this year) with a beautiful guitar version of his song "Children", and then introduced spiritual emcee and rising star Elliott LaRue. He delivered a chilling live message from the top of the bus about our challenges and responsibilities as humans. And that about summed up the Scumfrog sunrise from 2017. Enjoy the memories! @thescumfrog Tracklist: 01) Duelling bots 02) Orche/Strada ft.Claire Chase - Calligraphy 03) Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Shiva Manas Puja 04) Lord Of The Isles - Weh-In 05) Rabo & Snob - Let You Know 06) &Me - Avalon 07) Basti Grub - Ko Sar Ra Di 08) Del Gado - Children (Tini Monteca VS Saffa Remix) 09) Marc Lamarche - Ethiopo (Edit) 10) Gabrielle Aplin - Run For Cover (The Scumfrog Dub) 11) Amevon - Fuchsia (Mathias Hinds & Simon Kisk Remix) 12) Dee Montero - Aeon (Reprise Mix) VS Shlomi Aber - Foolish Games 13) Elliott LaRue - Morning Sermon 14) Lizards - Frontier (The Scumfrog Remix) 15) Joe Goddard - Home (Eric Kupper Remix) Photo: John Dill
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