17 июня 2018
Episode 124. nil and AST
Topics Starts at [00:01:26]. DRAFT Go 1.11 Release Notes Fixing the billion dollar mistake in Go by borrowing from Rust The State of Developer Ecosystem Survey in 2018 Introduction to the Go compiler Go code refactoring: the 23x performance hunt justforfunc #35: Implementing the tree command from scratch Implementing Metrics In Go Prometheus’ Summary implementation Libraries and projects Starts at [00:22:17]. SGo: A dialect of Go with optional types and without nil references Fo: An experimental language which adds functional programming features to Go Conferences and meetups Starts at [00:24:50]. Container Days — 18-20 June, Hamburg GopherConUK — 1-3 August, London GopherCon — 27-30 August, Denver Interview with Brad Fitzpatrick and Brian Ketelsen @ GopherCon Russia Starts at [00:26:16]. Patrons We are grateful to Roman Nekhoroshev, Aleksey Akulovich and all our other patrons. You can support our podcast here (if you can read Russian :)). This episode is hosted by Elena and Alexey.
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