Unity, harmony with the inner and outer cosmos, awareness and consciousness expansion are his goals both on stage and in everyday life. The therapy he offers is influenced by labels that include, but are not limited to Ultimae, Cosmicleaf, Altar, Soundmute, Dakini, Uxmal, Critical Beats, Chillcode, Spiral Trax, Fluid Audio, Celestial Dragon, Twisted Records. His sound is focused primarily in the deep psychill and lush soundscapes, but also includes serene electroacoustic, authentic ethnic downtempo and 4/4 slow trance. Therapist has played on music festivals like Tree of Life, Midnight Sun, Funny Moon, Waha, Future Nature and Dance Experience, Artmsospheric, Earth Dance, Transylvaliens. He also received invitations to the Vibe, Ambiosonic, ZNA and Yaga Gathering festivals. His mixes are played on radios that include Digitally Imported, Q-Lounge, Chill Out Zone and Eilo. He has also participated on all major festivals in his own country.
17 сентября 2013

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