Space Music for Yoga and Meditation

Space Music for Yoga and Meditation
Space Music for Yoga and Meditation A podcast featuring electronic music. This is a podcast by the award winning artist Alexander Forselius a.k.a. Dr. Sounds where he guides you through his amazing soundscapes which have got over 100 000 plays on Spotify, and tells the story behind them and this thoughs about spirituality, Taoism and parallel world. Find music here Alexander consider his music as 'evolutionary', as he create an ecosystem of many songs, that inherit characteristics from his previous. Like evolution theory, it starts with pure drone tracks, which evolves into chill out music - ambient and then some EDM. The tracks are divided into genetic group and he are also going to build a map for his music. Initiately this podcast will consists mostly as mixes, but will add more storytelling later. Find me on Spotify here Follow my yoga and meditation playlist here Romanian boy who were born with a female spirit, and still resists to be in this world as a male, with her female astral body, and tries to tackle the dark reality, and dreams with music that unlesh the inner identity to the world. Unique personal feelings, the brain that focus on logic every time conflicts with the unlogical social world, experiences in childhood and autistic experience of the unorganized social world, is transmutated to unique, illustrive, ambient soundtracks that doesn’t follow a given musical genre. Music mostly is stereotype soundtracks, that uses a few set of sounds in a unorganized range, for describing the flow of a unique sexual and interllectual experiences, dreams and flows.
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