Made in China

Made in China
We are presenting a new podcast series, "Made in China." In the past decade, China has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from a hub of cheap labour and products to a competitor in innovation and pragmatic approaches on the global stage.And nowhere is this more evident than in Central Asia, where China has stepped up as the main trading partner. That's why we decided to dive deep into these changes, chatting with businessmen from Central Asia who've been dealing with China for over a decade. We're talking opportunities, risks, challenges – the whole shebang.With your host, Navruz Karimov, you will explore the pivotal shift in China's economic landscape and its ripple effects on Central Asian businesses. You're going to hear some crazy stories, get valuable insights, and maybe even learn a thing or two about trade with China.
This is the third episode of Made in China podcast, where we talk to business personalities to understand the mechanisms of China-Central Asian trade. Our guest for this episode is Umed Shukrikhudo, d...
15 марта 2024
Interview with Tangtang Sheng, director of transport company Pamir. In this episode, we discussed setting up a logistical company and bringing goods from China. What difficulties and pitfalls can one...
02 февраля 2024
This is our kickoff episode of "Made in China" podcast where host Navruz Karimov talks with Firdavs Sharifi, a Tajik cardiovascular surgeon who studied international medicine in China. This episode de...
27 ноября 2023

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