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Luke's ENGLISH Podcast
Luke's ENGLISH Podcast - Learn British English with Luke Thompson. Luke's English Podcast is an award-winning podcast for learners of English. Listen, learn and have fun while picking up natural British English as it really is spoken.
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686. Christian from Canguro English A conversation with YouTube English teacher Christian Saunders from Canguro English about the realities of learning and teaching English, motivation and goal-settin...
27 октября 2020
685. Raising Bilingual Children [1] Alex and his daughter Alice, in Moscow An episode exploring the subject of how to raise a child to speak English. I speak to Alex, an English teacher from Moscow ab...
21 октября 2020
684. Chasing the Tangent Train with Elspeth Graty A conversation with English-teaching stand-up comedian Elspeth Graty, which covers lots of different topics including Elspeth's background in England,...
15 октября 2020
683. Feelgood Stories of Flirting with Marie Connolly Marie Connolly is an Australian stand-up comedian and TEFL teacher who has written a book of short stories about times when men (from various coun...
09 октября 2020
682. Key Features of English Accents, Explained Exploring the main differences between standard English pronunciation (RP) and non-standard regional or colloquial accents. How do people really speak i...
25 сентября 2020
681. New Competition: Why I Should Be On LEP (WISBOLEP) / Story: The First Time I Said F*ck Announcing a new LEP competition which everyone is welcome to enter, plus an anecdote about the first time I...
16 сентября 2020
680. Park Life - A Year in The Wildlife Of An Urban Park (by Rick Thompson) / Animal Collective Nouns My dad has written a book and it's all about the wildlife you can find in an urban English park. H...
09 сентября 2020
679. Gill's Book Club: A Gentleman In Moscow Talking to my mum about her latest book recommendation. A Gentleman In Moscow is about a Russian Count who is put under house arrest in 1922 in the beautif...
04 сентября 2020
678. The Vintage Furniture Trade in London (with Howard Roach) Talking to my old teaching colleague Howard Roach about his furniture business in South London. Episode page LEP...
28 августа 2020
677. A Post-Holiday Ramble / Holiday Vocab / Stories I've come back from my holiday so it's time to ramble on about some holiday stories, holiday vocabulary, podcast stats and other bits and pieces i...
21 августа 2020
676. David Crystal: Let's Talk - How English Conversation Works Professor David Crystal returns to talk about his latest books, and more. The first book is all about the art of conversation in English...
01 августа 2020
675. An Unplanned Pre-Holiday Ramble (July 2020) This episode is unedited and contains all my pauses, mistakes and thoughts while I attempt to talk about what’s coming up on LEP, my recent appearances...
24 июля 2020
674. 19 Amusing Insurance Claims / Car Crash Vocab Listen to some funny extracts from genuine insurance claims and learn some vocabulary to describe car crashes and driving (badly). Episode page https...
16 июля 2020
673. Conspiracies / UFOs / Life Hacks (with James) Talking to my brother about some click-bait topics, with stories, beliefs and a few celebrity impressions. Links, transcripts and videos available. E...
07 июля 2020
672. The Rick Thompson Report: COVID / BREXIT / BLM (July 2020) Talking to my dad about recent developments in the UK relating to coronavirus & Brexit with a cameo appearance by Gill Thompson talking...
03 июля 2020
671. Aussie English with Pete Smissen A conversation with genuine Aussie Pete Smissen, about differences and similarities between the UK and Australia, cultural and historical details, language simila...
30 июня 2020
670. Language Learning with James Harris Talking to writer and comedian James Harris about life as a writer, going to Oxford Uni, being an international Brit and learning German, French and Chinese as...
22 июня 2020
669. How to Learn English Giving you as advice about learning English across the four skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking. Full transcript available. Episode page
18 июня 2020
668. LEP LIVE! Ask Me Anything / Hang Out With Luke (AUDIO VERSION) Listen to the audio version of the recent LEP Live Stream on YouTube including an audience Q&A, learning English tips, some crap 'Da...
13 июня 2020
667. Four Way Call (with Alex, Moz & Paul) A lockdown Zoom call with my friends Alex, Paul and Moz which should be a fun but challenging listening exercise. Intro & ending transcripts available. Jump...
08 июня 2020
Announcement: I’m doing a YouTube Live Stream on Wednesday 10 June at 3PM CET. Topic: Ask Me Anything / Hang Out with Luke YouTube link: Episode page for this announcement...
07 июня 2020
666. [Part 3] Favourite Scary Films (with James) James and Luke talk about some of their favourite scary films, and more. This is the 3rd and final part of episode 666. Bonus audio available in the LE...
29 мая 2020
666. [Part 2] Frightening Experiences (with James) James and I share some stories of genuinely scary and disturbing experiences which we've had in our lives. Episode page LEP...
27 мая 2020
666. [Part 1] The Number of the Beast / Scary Music / Black Sabbath (with James) Talking to my brother James about the significance of the number 666, and then some scary music including 'The Devil's...
25 мая 2020
665. A Chinwag with Sebastian Marx / 18+ British slang phrases that Americans don’t understand Chatting to Sebastian Marx from New York and testing his knowledge of British English slang phrases. Slan...
20 мая 2020
664. Lockdown Ramble with My Wife Chatting with my wife late one evening last week about what it's like to be with an English guy, raising our daughter to be bilingual and more... Episode page https:/...
15 мая 2020
663. The Lockdown Lying Game with Amber & Paul Listen to three more stories told by Amber, Paul and Luke - can you guess if they are true or lies? Episode page LEP Premium htt...
04 мая 2020
662. Catching Up with Amber & Paul #10 (Surviving Lockdown with Kids) Chatting to Amber Minogue & Paul Taylor about dealing with confinement at home with children, the birth of Amber's baby, tongue tw...
30 апреля 2020
660. Using TV Series & Films to Improve Your English Lots of practical advice and comments about how you can use films and TV series to work on your English. This episode is a recap of some advice in...
14 апреля 2020
659. Lockdown Chat with Cara Leopold Chatting to Cara Leopold about living in self isolation, the global coronavirus lockdown and how you can work on your English at home using TV shows and films. Epi...
12 апреля 2020